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Fitness is a key component of life and when you set yourself a goal it's best to equip yourself...

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To help us determine the best TREADMILLS built for running, it is important to seek out some features in the device...

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Fitness is a key component of life and when you set yourself a goal it's best to equip yourself with the right machines - be it the best elliptical machines or the best treadmill. Just before you go and get your TREADMILL, you must first decide what you will be doing on the device or you may well go to the stores and throw your money up for whoever snatches it first.

TREADMILLS are built to accommodate the beating that goes into them daily, however, this device could either be underused or overused.   

The TREADMILL would be underused if it is working below its capacity. Although, this is not so bad some money could have been saved if one knows exactly what would serve their purpose.

Meanwhile, TREADMILL could be overused if it is working under pressure and overwhelmed by the workload that is above its capacity.

For example, if a TREADMILL that is built for walking is RUNNING on over a period of time, it wouldn't take too long before it breaks down.

To help us determine the best TREADMILLS built for running, it is important to seek out some features in the device.

The following are the FIVE MUST-HAVE FEATURES for the BEST TREADMILLS;


One of the features that make a TREADMILL a better running device is the length of its BELT.

It is important to have a leg and elbow room especially for people who have longer strides or overweight. You do not want to run out of space and run into the console.


A WELL-CUSHIONED TREADMILL would protect the joints ( that is; the knees, hips, ankles and the back too) from the jarring caused through several impacts against the track. It also protects the device from breaking down from excessive pounding.

Although it might cost you a little extra to get a WELL-CUSHIONED system, the cost of remedying a jarred joint might cost more.


A higher efficient MOTOR is required to power the TREADMILL built for runners. Since the MOTOR would be working at constant high velocity and under a higher pressure, it would require a MOTOR that would not overheat and break down due to overuse.

A TREADMILL for runners requires a MOTOR of at least 2.5 CPH capacity or higher.


The WIRELESS HEART RATE MONITOR makes it easier to keep watch on the HEART RATE without having to grip the bars during a workout section.

And since it is strapped on, it can quickly give an accurate reading.


The TREADMILL comes with exciting features to make your workout lively and relaxing.

The extra TOOLS AND TOYS are what gets you in tune and make you look forward to your daily workout program.

A lot of improvement in technologies that are compatible with this device have been coming in handy these days.


you can have a T.V on board.

you can opt for a TREADMILL with a fan.

you can hook your computer to the console, plug in you iPod and enjoy your favorite playlist.

The following is the list of my BEST 3 PICKS for HOME TREADMILLS for RUNNING;

Nordic Commercial 2950

This is a household machine that comes equipped with 4.25 CHP motor. It has a RUNNING belt of 22" wide and 60" in length and tread belt is stretch resistant.

It is well CUSHIONED for comfort, and it has an adjustable suspension that enhance the CUSHION system. It has an amazing 22" smart HD touchscreen that brings everything to live. It provides an Android browser and iFit coach plus.

Its inclines and declines to mimic a road-like feel - tilting from -3% to +15%.

It comes with iFit on board, a fan that increases with the intensity of a workout, a wide T.V screen, auxiliary music port for your music device and a WIRELESS HEART RATE STRAP-ON MONITOR.

Proform Pro 9000

The Proform Pro 9000 is slightly similar to the Nordic Commercial 2950, in some features. It is also a household machine.

This device is also powered with the Super 4.25 CHP motor - designed for marathon exercise.

The RUNNING BELT is 22" wide and 60" in length.

The Profrom Pro 900 has a maximum decline of 3% and a maximum incline of 15%.

CUSHION system is air based and it reduces impact by 28%.

It is equipped with 10" HD touchscreen that is web enabled. iFit coach interactive training is on board with an Android browser.

There are several other exciting features like the sound system with 3" speakers, a STRAP-ON HEART RATE MONITOR etc.

Sole F90

Sole Fitness is one of the leading manufacturers of TREADMILLS.

The Sole F90 is also a household machine powered by a 4.0CHP motor.

The RUNNING BELT is also 22" wide and 60" long.

It has an automatic incline of 0 - 15% at a touch.

Sole has a CUSHIONING technology called the CushionFlex whisper DECKS that reduces impact by 40%.

It is equipped with a 10.1" screen and Bluetooth connectivity that interact with the New Sole Fitness mobile app. The app enables your handheld devices to serve as the control center for your workout activities. It works with FitBit and MyFitnessPal.

Other exciting features are; MP3 port and speakers, WIRELESS STRAP-ON HEART RATE MONITOR.

Those are my 3 BEST PICKS IN HOME TREADMILLS FOR RUNNING. It is important to note that the guidelines provided, in this article, for getting a RUNNING TREADMILL, are for that purpose.

It is only for the reason to guide you in making a well thought out buying decision when you visit the fitness store, that these recommendations are given.

So, when you decide, LET THE FIVE MUST-HAVE FEATURES be your pointer to the BEST RUNNING TREADMILL.

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